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Keep business as usual,
whatever the situation.

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Stay connected to what you need most,
with the most agile and resilient connectivity
Option for business.

Through intelligent cellular connectivity, our Mobile WAN can connect a whole host of premises’ equipment to the Internet, corporate resources, or both, in just about any situation.

Whether you’ve got a fleet of lone workers and several home offices, or you’re setting up sites where fixed connectivity isn’t feasible workforces can instantly get online—and stay online—all with access to the same corporate network.

And because our cellular connectivity uses unsteered Multi-network SIMs, you don’t need to worry about coverage or outages.

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Key sectors:

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Hospitality & events

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Tackle any connectivity challenge, straight out of the box.

November 2

Remote sites

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Some sites just aren’t viable for fixed connectivity—or if they are, it can be at huge financial expense. Switching to a Mobile WAN gives you instant connectivity with all the benefits of being able to access corporate networks, and equips you with blazing speeds that can outshine fixed connectivity.

November 2

Temporary sites

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When it comes to pop up events and festivals, fixed connectivity often isn’t available or needed for such short periods of time. Our mobile WAN is a simple plug-and- play solution and with flexible data, we’ll get you up and running in no time.

November 2

On the move workers

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Workers who are constantly on the move shouldn’t need to worry about whether they’ll be able to connect. Our intelligent Multi-network connectivity goes where you go, with workers able to access exactly what they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

November 2

Unreliable fixed-lines

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Already have a WAN? Make it extra resilient with a backup Mobile WAN, should fixed connectivity go down. Best of all, with options for static IPs for hosted products and completely seamless failover, you won’t even notice the difference.

November 2

Waiting for Ethernet

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Moving office or setting up from scratch can be a headache when it comes to getting connectivity up and running. Skip the wait for an Ethernet line and get online in just one working day, with all the functionality of fixed connectivity corporate networks.

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